Traditional and Digitally Illustrated Works of Art for Entertainment, Advertising and Publishing

Paul Shipper specializes in traditional and digitally illustrated works of art. His talents allow him to work with numerous industries; entertainment, advertising and publishing. Working from his Studio in Hamilton, New Zealand, his clients span the globe.

Growing up in the UK, with a pencil permanently attached to his hand, he realized his unique talents. Paul followed his passion for art and design through high school and college. He graduated with a B.A. in Illustration in 1997.

Some of his working achievements have included becoming an approved artist for Lucasfilm, creating official cover art for the IDW Star Trek: Khan Series as well as working with well-known clients such as AMC, Penguin Books, GQ Magazine, Topps Inc. The Sunday Times and JWT, New York.

His work has been appreciated by some key players within the film industry, including J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Lana and Andy Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, Tom Hanks, Jacob Vaughan and Karl Urban.

Paul also enjoys being involved in the collectible print world. He has original work and prints available at a number of Pop Culture Galleries in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Paris, France.

When he isn’t working on illustration projects, you will find Paul sketching, taking photos, making music, playing drums or piano. He loves spending precious time with his family and friends and exploring the New Zealand countryside.

What people are saying...

Like many film fans I miss actual art on film posters and Paul Shipper’s genius work is precisely what’s missing. I CAN HAPPILY CALL THIS MY FAVOURITE ‘WORLD’S END’ POSTER.
— Edgar Wright, Director
Paul, your work is, in a beautifully profound old-fashioned way, full of love for the medium and its representation. Masterfully executed, thoughtful and atmospheric. Thank you!
— Tom Tykwer, Director, 'Cloud Atlas'
Paul, Thanks so much for your awesome Star Trek Posters. Your Work is Most Excellent!
— J.J. Abrams, Director
Inventive, well rendered and on-time. In a stunning product Paul’s piece still stood out as one of the gems, I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
— David Waldeck, Topps, Inc. / Lucasfilm
Paul Shipper is one of the most talented illustrators and creative minds I’ve run across in my more than 20 years in the creative industry… Hire Paul today, you will become a client for life.
— Jeff Andrews, Designer
Paul is a pleasure to work with and a consumate professional- but by far what speaks most to his tremendous ability as an artist is his beautiful and incredible work. He’s a rare and impressive talent.
— Daryl Golderg, Film Director
His ability to capture the likenesses of the characters he illustrates, and a timeless, nostalgic feel that instantly transports viewers to the worlds he portrays is what separates Paul from all other illustrators I work with.
— Adam Smasher, Hero Complex Gallery
Paul is one of the few alternatives to master Drew Struzan out there who can still accomplish the great old school film poster look. Just look for his ‘Jack and the Jungle Lion’ book cover if you want proof.
— Gilles Verschuere, Designer
How in the heck could a gem like this stay hidden from my Nerdy radar?
— Jim Palmquist, Nerdlocker
In the words of William Shakespeare, oh my fucking giddy god!
— Simon Pegg

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